I mostly default to drawing symbols (objects and people) that are itching to be let out for what ever reason, I rarely plan or apply meaning to it, though I feel a satisfaction like I have communicated something that was murky or discombobulated inside. It's a very rewarding feeling whenever someone get's something out of it, I imagine it to be like a nebulous familiarity.

recent sketchbook

Drawing has comforted me throughout my life, looking back I turned to drawing heavily as a means to seem locked in a task, avoid social situations. I withdrew partly because I wasn't confident verbally, I couldn't articulate myself with as much ease as my peers, I felt a need to express myself still, drawing partially satisfied my lack and need. I was comfortable anywhere when I escaped into an engrossed state.

so emo
me drawing at an 8th grade pool party..

Ive always loved drawing, I felt a need to draw as long as I can remember

Oldest drawing to date as recalled by my mother, a picture I drew potty training.